1. Free ISO/QS-9000 software demo
If you are short on time, staff, budget and responsible for implementing ISO or QS-9000 then this is a must see demo.
Download it FREE, directly from our web site: http://www.powerway.com/welcome.htm or call us toll free at (800) 964-9004.
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Powerway, the technical leader in software for compliance management, cuts your time to compliance. This software demo will show you how to reduce time in:
  • 1. Document Creation (Policy Manual, Procedures, Work Instructions)
  • 2. Document Control
  • 3. Internal Assessments
  • 4. Quality Planning (APQP & PPAP generation)
  • 5. SPC
  • Check it out today and discover why more than 25,000 quality professionals use Powerway software for compliance management.
    Check it out today! http://www.powerway.com/welcome.htm

    2. The listing of Quality System Behavior Newsletters(QSBNs)

    report by Mark Saarelainen(Information from mjsus@ix.netcom.com)

    3. The listing of Global Strategic Systems Newsletters(GSSNs)

    report by Mark Saarelainen(Information from mjsus@ix.netcom.com)

    4. iSO-Pro A revolution in ISO 9000 implementation using the Personal Computer

    The APICS magazine in the USA carried out a review of iSO-Pro in January 1997 that I thought you might like to know about. The author summarized his review by saying:
    "Overall Evaluation:
    The system provides an excellent project management tool for any manufacturing organization undertaking the long journey to ISO9000 registration. iSO-Pro is easily accessible, contains a variety of tools and expert advice for tracking progress toward compliance, and provides a complete standard against which you can measure your organization."

    To find out more read the article at:

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