1. The number of ISO14001 certification of the world

The statistical data was provided by Mr. Reinhard Peglau, c/o Federal Environmental Agency, Germany and subjected to computer graphic process by ISO World.

2. ISO14000 registered industry analysis of Japan

According to the survey of the Environmental Management Standard Council Japan, the number of Japanese companies certified with ISO14001 is 18,328 as of 31 May, 2005.

3. Distance Learning Environmental engineering /hydrology courses


Wright State University (WSU) is offering the following 12-week distance learning courses beginning September 29, 1997 (CEU's and optional graduate credit available):
Site Remediation
Environmental Geophysics
Ground Water Hydrology
Soil and Ground Water Contamination
Aquifer Test Analysis/Well Hydraulics
Ground Water Flow Modeling using MODFLOW
Environmental Chemistry (1998 schedule only)

For over twelve years, WSU's IRIS international distance learning program has provided continuing education/professional development opportunities to scientists, engineers, and administrators working or seeking employment in the environmental or water resources fields.
For program information, submit postal address to:

Center for Ground Water Management
Wright State University
3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy.
Dayton, OH 45435-0001
phone: (937) 775-3648
facsimile: (937) 775-3649

4. Invitation to the globeNet

globeNet is a daily updated virtual community of individuals and organizations associated in the design, development, and implementation, and registration of ISO 14000 Environmental Management systems.

5. AP-CPNet : New Email Discussion Forum for Cleaner Production in Asia Pacific

"AP-CPNet" (Asia Pacific Cleaner Production Network) - a new E-mail Discussion forum has been initiated by the Cleaner Technology Information Center (CTIC), Thailand Environment Institute, Bangkok, Thailand.
The primary purpose of AP-CPNet is to accelerate dialogue between the various stakeholders in Cleaner Production in the Asia Pacific region and to bring together all those who are working towards achieving this goal of promotion of CP concept in this region. This Forum is also expected to serve as a prologue for the forthcoming Asia Pacific Roundtable on Cleaner Production.
AP-CPNet encourages postings :
7 to share the information on CP related issues in the region
7 to make announcements
7 to publicize the CP activities
7 to seek advise from other experts on specific problems
7 to discuss the barriers and their solutions in promotion of CP in the region
7 to develop new project ideas and identify partners.

This Forum is open to all the interested individuals / organizations from anywhere in the world, but the discussion in this forum will primarily focus Center (CTIC), Thailand Environment Institute, Bangkok, Thailand.
You can subscribe to this Forum from the CTIC home page on Internet using the on-line form at the URL : http://www.tei.or.th/ctic. If you have any queries, you may please contact Mandar Parasnis on E-mail : ctic@tei.or.th

For more information:
Mandar Parasnis
Cleaner Technology Information Center
Thailand Environment Institute
59/27, Soi Sampobnarumit
Sukumvit 62 Prakanong, Bangkok, Thailand
Tel : 741 63 50 -7, Ext : 200
Fax : 741 63 61; Email : ctic@tei.or.th
Mandar Parasnis
Cleaner Technology Information Center
Thailand Environment Institute, Bangkok, Thailand
Email : ctic@tei.or.th; mandar@tei.or.th

6. Environmental Management Systems Implementing ISO 14001 in Asia and
Environmental Audit Guidebook An Asian Perspective

Two highly practical publications, designed to provide readers with step-by-step guides on how to conduct an environmental audit and develop an effective environmental management system - including certification to ISO14001.

7. Environmental News Online

ISO 14000 News and Views

GreeNotes -- A New Newsletter from ALA's Environment Task Force


Environmental News Service -free

Environmental Damage Valuation and Cost Benefit News

ENDS Environment Daily - the first European news service

Environmental Engineering Electronic Newsletter

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Environment and Municipal Online
is the hub site for

Solid Waste Online
Water Online
Pollution Online
Power Online
Public Works Online
Engineers Online
The sites contain new product releases, industry news, application-specific articles, leading-edge manufacturers, technology announcements, employment opportunities, discussion forums, as well as market data and trends.

Water Online announces the first issue of its electronic newsletter written by Ian Lisk, ( the former editor of Water Engineering Management and Water & Wastes Digest) one of the most knowledgeable and respected voices in the water/wastewater community.
You can sign up for a free subscription at their site, http://www.wateronline.com

8. January SBN Site Ready for Viewing

The Sustainable Business Network is updated for January at http://www.envirolink.org/sbn

9. WORTHY WEB SITE(S): State/Provincial Legislative Web Sites

Legislative sessions for the five Northwestern states begin this month (January), and each state now has a useful Web site to provide you with up-to-date information about legislation. The province of British Columbia also has a site providing information about the Legislative Assembly. The information on each site varies slightly from geography to geography, but most offer online access to bills (and bill revisions), lists of committees, email/web contact information for all legislative members, and a lot of other useful information. Reviewing these sites during the session is a great way to stay informed about pending legislation that can impact the regional environment. The Web site addresses for each geography is listed below:
* Alaska: http://www.state.ak.us/local/akpages/LEGISLATURE/home.htm
* Idaho: http://www.state.id.us/legislat/legislat.html
* Montana: http://www.mt.gov/leg/branch/branch.htm


The following note points to two very interesting and important discussion lists. The list described is MIDEASTENVIRO. However, indirectly mentioned is another list which could be also very important, MEH2O-L@VM.TAU.AC.IL From the name, the focus of that list is Middle East water issues -- which are some of the most important issues that could lead in the future to war or peace for the region (not just between Israel and it's neighbors, but between many other countries including Turkey and it's neighbors).
To subscribe to MEH2O-L, send email to listserv@VM.TAU.AC.IL Leave the subject line blank. As the body of your message, put: subscribe meh2o-l Firstname Lastname
(Replace Firstname and Lastname with your first and last names).

Steve Habib Rose

Extended Enterprise ServicesEnvironmental Industry Web Site


Sustainable Business Network Established on the World Wide Web

For Immediate Release

PITTSBURGH, January 30 -/E-Wire/--The EnviroLink Network announces the launch of its newest project, the Sustainable Business Network on the World Wide Web (http://www.envirolink.org/sbn) and on America Online(keyword: envirolink).
The Sustainabl Business Network provides an accessible focal point for the world-wide sustainable business community through information and connection. "Sustainable" is a concept that is becoming widely accepted not only in the environmental community, but also in the realm of business and industry. It means doing business and using resources in ways that produce a cleaner, more wholesome world. It means taking care of business while leaving plenty for future generations.
The Sustainable Business Network (SBN) offers a friendly, informative way to keep up-to-date on the exciting, though sometimes mystifying, changes coming to the business methods of the future.
"Acronyms like ISO 14000, IDEA21, GEMI, Smart Wood, ECO-OK need to roll off our collective tongues as do breakthrough companies and technologies like The Natural Step and Natural Cotton Colours", explains Rona Fried, Ph.D., the SBN Journal's Executive Editor. "The SBN will foster cross-pollination between people in Environmental Building Products and Natural Food, for example, as well as between people in small and large businesses."
The SBN Website has a variety of complimentary components:
SBN Journal This free, on-line, monthly magazine succinctly highlights current thinking and activity in the sustainable business community. The majority of the Journal consists of a selection of articles taken from leading trade publications who work with SBN Journal as Content Partners.
SBN Connections A freely approachable database of socially and environmentally responsible businesses and products throughout the world that makes it easy to locate eco-friendly solutions to a multitude of situations.
SBN Library Resources on sustainable business practices, including organizations, government agencies and publications, mailing lists are offered here.
SBN Forum Through bulletin boards and chats, people will learn about new developments, network, discuss issues, and have the opportunity to talk with respected professionals in the field.

The EnviroLink Network, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, is the largest and most frequently consulted online environmental information resource on the planet. As of December 1996, over 5.3 million people per month were turning to EnviroLink for the most comprehensive, up-to-date environmental resources available. You can visit the EnviroLink Network on the Internet at: http://www.envirolink.org The EnviroLink Network is partnering with America Online (AOL) to create an environmental community area on the AOL system, which currently has 8 million subscribers. This exciting site is available via the AOL Keyword: envirolink

Contact: Josh Knauer, Executive Director, The EnviroLink Network
Phone:(412) 683-6400

Josh Knauer
Executive Director
The EnviroLink Network
Phone:(412) 683-6400 Fax:(412) 683-8460

If you'd like to support the EnviroLink Network, a non-profit organization, please consider doing so by becoming a member: http://www.envirolink.org/membership

12. EcoDirectory Online

The International Organization for Information Specialists (IOIS) and the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) are pleased to announce the online version of the EcoDirectory.
The EcoDirectory is an enhanced online version of the database of 317 Libraries and Environmental Information Centers developed jointly in the Environmental Training Project, a 5 year set of activities funded by the US Agency for International Development through a cooperative agreement and executed by a consortium.
The World Wildlife Fund-US and the Wladyslaw Poniecki Foundation, in collaboration with information specialists in Central and Eastern Europe who identified the entries, published a printed version of this database in 1994. Updating of the entries will be performed by members of the International Organization for Information Specialists (IOIS).

The EcoDirectory can be found on the REC's Web server at:


The IOIS home page can be found at:


Any comments, suggestions, or updates can be send to: webmaster@rec.hu

13. Waste Prevention Association on the Web

The Waste Prevention Association, a Polish non-profit environmental NGO is pleased to announce its new site on the World Wide Web:

English: http://www.rec.hu/poland/wpa/wpa.htm
Polish: http://www.rec.hu/poland/wpa/otzo.htm

Besides information about our activities and publications
we provide extensive directory of links to other sites with:
* pollution prevention and Clean Production,
* municipal solid waste,
* hazardous waste and toxic substances,
* (anti-) waste incineration.

We invite your feedback at: uugluszy@cyf-kr.edu.pl

This project is possible thankful of:
* Heinrich Boell Stiftung e.V. who provides us with
financial assistance, and
* The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe
who granted us free web service.

Pawel Gluszynski

14. ISO14000 and the Stock Market

report by Donald Sutherland

15. ISO 14000 Standards in the Semiconductor Industry

You can obtain ISO 14000 Standards in the Semiconductor Industry by sending your email message including your name, title, company and email address to the following email address:


Warning: This report, (ISO 14000 Standards in the Semiconductor Industry) is protected by copyright law and international treaties. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this report or any portion of it may result in severe civil and criminal penalties.

Markku J. Saarelainen
Atlanta, GA, USA

16. Abbreviations pertaining to the Environmental Management System

by ISO World

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