The listing of Global Strategic Systems Newsletters(GSSNs)

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The listing of Global Strategic Systems Newsletters (GSSN)

GSSN-4-1995, Strategic Management and Strategic Systems

GSSN-5-1995, The Current State of Major Strategic Systems - Number 1

GSSN-6-1995, The Current State of Major Strategic Systems - Number 2

GSSN-7-1995, Environmental Management Systems and Management Responsibilities

GSSN-8-1995, The integration of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Management Systems for Strategic Management

GSSN-9-1995, Environmental Management System Auditing

GSSN-10-1995, Information Security System Responsibilities, Structure and Development

GSSN-11-1995, Harmony of Organizational Leadership

GSSN-12-1995, Strategic Management Investments, Asset Allocation, Evaluation and Review

GSSN-3-1996, Business Intelligence System - The strategic information for your top management?

GSSN-4-1996, Organizational Risk Management

GSSN-5-1996, Early Warnings for the Strategic Management

GSSN-7-1996, The Integration of a Global Communication System

GSSN-8-1996, "BOLD" or "Benchmarking, Organizational and Leadership Development" for Creating Strategic Advantages

GSSN-9-1996, The Integration and Improvement of Global Business Strategies

GSSN-10-1996,  Global Product Development Processes

GSSN-11-1996, Systems for Managing Uncertain Operating Environments

GSSN-12-1996, Strategic Formulation Processes for the International Business Environment


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