Worldwide number of ISO14001

The worldwide ISO14001/EMAS statistical numbers were collected by Reinhard Peglau, c/o Federal Environmental Agency, Germany from the interested people throughout the world and subjected to a schematic process to show the graph by Corporate Risk Management Company , Japan (former ISO World). Without their support the update and maintenance of the statistics would have not been possible.
Your contribution is appreciated very much to maintain the statistics.

The numbers of the other countries missing in the graph are as follows;

ISO 14001
HongKong:486, Norway:475, Israel and Mexico:422, Turkey:415, South Africa:406, Indonesia:381, Egypt:379, Philippines:367, Slovenia:351, Chile:346, Slovakia:340, Greece:300, Ireland:294, Lithuania:267, Croatia:231, Russian Federation:223, Colombia:191, Estonia:182, New Zealand:182, United Arab Emirates:172, Belarus:122, Serbia and Montenegro:122, Vietnam:110, Latvia:101, Bulgaria:97, Costa Rica:75, Tunisia:60, Ukraine:60, Peru:56, Syrian Arab Republic and Luxembourg:53, Sri Lanka:49, Cyprus:47, Uruguay:45, Pakistan:44, Macau:34, Jordan:39, Venezuela:36, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Zimbabwe:34, Azerbaijan:32, Kazakhstan and Bolivia:30, Namibia:28, Morocco:26, Liechtenstein:22, Saudi Arabia:20, Bahrain:18, Bangladesh and Nigeria:17, Ecuador:15, Kenya and Swaziland:14, Algeria:13, Mauritius:11, Jamaica:10, Iceland and Qatar:9, Kuwait and Oman:8, Guatemala, Honduras, Lebanon, Nepal and Trinidad & Tobago:7, Cuba, Palestine, Papua New Guinea and Puerto Rico:6, Armenia, Ethiopia, Malta and Panama:5, Botswana, Brunei Darussalam, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Gabon, Guyana, Paraguay, Tanzania and Uganda:4, Andorra, Barbados, Cote Divoire, Ghana, Malawi, Monaco, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Suriname and Turkmenistan:3, Belize, Cameroon, Congo, Fiji, Greenland, Lao, Madagascar, Mozambique, Niger, San Marino and Zambia:2, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Curacao, FYR of Macedonia, Saint Lucia, Seychelles, Sudan and Uzbekistan:1

Czech Republic and Norway:27, France and Netherlands:17, Hungary:11, Ireland:8, Poland:6, Slovakia and Switzerland:3, Estonia and Korea:2, Brazil, Chile, China, India, Luxembourg, Malta, Slobenia and USA:1
Note: Countries in the brackets are EMAS sites outside EU.

The total number shown in the graph includes above data.

Koichi Tsujii
General manager
Corporate Risk Management
( former ISO World )

(1) This webpage does not represent nor belong to ISO.
(2) Corporate Risk Management keeps no historical data of the statistics.
(3) The provided data is of the number of certificates; the individual organizations which hold certificates are not identified. Corporate Risk Management cannot satisfy requests for lists of certified organizations in particular country or business sector.

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